Sautéed Dijon Leeks

I feel like not many people realize just how magical leeks are.

Actually, I was often asked at the bakery what leeks are and/or how to cook with them. So I get it. You can’t know how magical something is until you know how to release its powers.

So let’s do just that; right here, right now. Obviously we cannot go over every single way there is to cook leeks today but, let’s tackle one: Sautéing Leeks.

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10 Must Have Gluten Free Kitchen Staples

So after experiencing Seattle during a snow storm and the all the crazy that was the grocery stores, I thought it’d be appropriate to talk about some staples I always keep in the house. 

More often than not, when I find myself saying, “We have no food in the house,” I could actually create meals upon meals with all the staples we have lying around.  I always seem to surprise myself with the meals I come up with during these times.  Thus, I wanted to share with you my arsenal of must-haves and the one book I always refer to in times of need.

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