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Ultimate Green Grilled Cheese

Yield: 3 sandwiches






• 6 slices of bacon

• 6 slices of Franz bread

• 2.5 oz butter melted

• 3 to 4.5 oz Tillamook Sharp Cheddar

• 3 to 4.5 oz Tillamook Pepper Jack

• Cheese

• 3 Tbsp Country Dijon

• 3 handfuls of arugula

• ½ of a large avocado


Preheat griddle to medium-low. Grilled Cheese is best when done low and slow.

1. Place 6 slices of bacon on the griddle and cook to the texture/consistency you prefer. I like my bacon to be nice and crisp for sandwiches.

2. While bacon is cooking, use a (silicon basting brush) to brush melted butter onto both sides of each piece bread.

3. When bacon is done, remove from griddle and place on a paper towel. Drain bacon grease from griddle but don’t bother to completely wash off 🙂

4. Place 6 slices of butter bread onto griddle and grill until lightly browned. Once lightly browned, flip over and add cheese to all 6 slices of bread (1 to 1.5 oz of cheese per slice).

5. Add cheese begins to melt, add 2 slices of bacon to 3 slices of bread. On the remaining 3 slices of bread, add 1 Tbsp Country Dijon to each and smear over cheese.

6. When cheese is melted and bread is perfectly toasted and golden brown, remove all slices from heat.

7. Place a handful of arugula onto three slices with bacon. Then, add avocado slices on top of the arugula.

8. Finally, sandwich grilled cheeses by placing slices with Dijon on top off avocado-arugula slices.

9. Cut all sandwiches into triangles because they just taste better that way!

10. Enjoy with a warm bowl of homemade tomato soup and good company 🙂