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Biodegradable Parchment Paper (half-sheet size)


  • ZENLOGY MISSION – We donate a portion of our proceeds to supporting causes that fight hunger and food waste. Every purchase of any of our parchment supports our partnership with local non-profit dedicated to eliminating food waste and hunger.
  • EXACT FIT – No other parchment sheets provide the exact fit we do for the 12×16 half sheet pans. We are the only precut sheets that provide exact fit for your half sheet pans, other precut sheets overlap on one side and too short the other side.
  • EASY STORAGE – Our sheets lay flat and comes in a natural brown box packaging that easily opens and closes each time you pull out a sheet.
  • HIGH HEAT BAKING – Recommended for use up to 450 deg Fahrenheit. Has a light non toxic vegetable grade silicone coating to make it greaseproof.
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