Hi There!  If you are anything like me, you love nothing more than shopping for new kitchen supplies!  Even if it's just some new cupcake liners, it's exciting!!

Below are all of my favorite products.  These are all items I personally own and use in my kitchen daily.  They are from brands I trust and feel comfortable recommending. 

Each picture is an unsponsored, affiliate link - thank you for supporting RylieCakes :)


Best Cinnamon Ever.

25oz of seriously great cocoa!

Vanilla Bean Paste - makes every recipe better.

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chunks - dairy, nut, + soy free!

Just 8oz Cocoa :)

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips - dairy, nut, + soy free!


These two sugars  make all muffins extraordinary!

The best cooking/frying oil

Easy noodles, great texture + taste.

Amazing GF Smoked Salmon! Perfect for soups, dips, and everything in between!


Amazing (soy-free) chocolate!! 

My favorite GF Crackers!

Hello Key Lime Pie ;)

My go-to snack!

Who needs PB when you've got Sunflower Butter?!

This honey is the bee's knees!

GF Vegan Fish Sauce

GF Pad Thai Noodles.

My addiction.

Furikake Seasoning

GF Tarragon Vinegar

GF Soy Sauce.

Seriously coconut, coconut oil.

Not all oats are created equal, Bob's GF are my go-to.

GF Elbows :)



6" Cake Pans

8" Cake Pans

Mini Loaf Pan - everything is cuter mini!

Half Sheet Pan - fits 5 to 6 2oz cookies.

Bundtlette Pan - who wouldn't want an individual bundt cake?!

Silpats - reusable, eco-friendly, and bakes goods to perfection :)

Tube Cake Pan - think Angel Food Cake, Coffee Cake...

Good ol' fashion cupcake/muffin pans.

Springform Pan - Cheesecake FTW!

Cakelette Liners - too good to be true!

Tulip Muffin Liners - give your baked goods a polished, bakery-style touch :)

Pie Weights - you could use rice but this is way less messy!

Small Offset Spatula - great for spreading icing + frosting cupcakes.

Set of offset spatulas - perfect for all your frosting needs!

Large Offset Spatula - great for decorating cakes.


Cookie/Biscuit Cutters - every size you need.

Dishers/Scoops - uniformly scoop cookie dough, portion cake batter, and precisely measure ingredients.

Most commonly used scoop - 2oz.

3/4 oz scoop.

2 2/3 oz scoop.

4 oz scoop.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls - stainless is easy to clean, durable, inexpensive, and versatile!

Glass Mixing Bowls - glass is dishwasher and microwave safe; plus, it is perfect for both mixing and storing in the same container meaning fewer dishes!!

Kitchen Scale - your new BEST FRIEND!  Weigh ingredients for more accurate measurements and consistency in your baked goods :)

Bench Scrapper - not only great for working with dough, it is a spatula, a makeshift knife, you can decorate cakes, or use as a straight edge!

   Perfect for half sheets!     & Biodegradable :)

Silicon Basting + Pastry Brush - SO easy to clean!!


The only stockpot I own.


Perfect for baking and cooking - plus, they last forever!


Veggie Spiralizer


The perfect bundt cake pan :)  Serves 10-12.


9x13" Pan - for sheet cakes, brownies, and bars.

More Muffin Cups!  I just love how fancy they make muffins (& me) feel!


Just be cool :)


14" Casserole Dish perfect for everything!!

8oz jars for jam, nuts, spices, and more!

Microplane, plain and simple.

Hand Mixer - compact, stores easily, and you can use with just about any size bowl.

Stand Mixer - You can go for a bigger, more commercial size mixer (below) but I find this one is the perfect size for nearly all home baking projects.  Admittedly, I have both sizes :)

Vitamix - it can do just about anything!  Make smoothies, blend soups, create the perfect hollandaise - you name it!

Bigger, Badder Mixer - great for big batch baking.

Amazing spice and coffee grinder!  Perfect size and stores easily.

Food Processor - shred cheese, cut veggies, make dip, or whip up mousse! The world is your oyster!


In case you want to enjoy some dairy every now and then :)

Gluten Free Plant Based Protein Powder