Our Story

Growing up you’d never find processed food in our house; our mom never bought us Oreos® or Chips Ahoy®. What you would have found though, was me in the kitchen knee deep in dough. I loved making cookies, brownies, bars, and the like. I loved learning how to cook from my mother and father who never followed recipes and always made the most fabulous meals. I was also a bit of a nerdy book worm so if I wasn’t baking, you would have most likely found me at the kitchen table doing my homework.

After graduating college, having studied economics and mathematics, I was torn between pursuing a job in finance or taking a leap of faith and turning my life-long love affair with baking into a career. My father greatly encouraged me to go to culinary school, he was certain if I could bake every day, I’d never work a day in my life.

Thank goodness for my father – for his great cooking and brilliant advice!! I happened to adore baking each and every day rather than just in my spare time. I had extreme enthusiasm for everything about it – the smells, the tastes, the textures, and the creations – oh the delightful sweets one could make with a little butter and sugar! Culinary school had instantly hooked me; just a month in I bought the domain name www.ryliecakes.com for any future endeavors…

Prior to opening RylieCakes®, I stumbled upon a great friend and a truly talented individual, Denise Firman. She was the first person I hired and she quickly became the sugar to my spice. We immediately clicked; the type of relationship where you finish each other’s sentences and think each other’s thoughts. It was magical. We turned RylieCakes®’ kitchen into a second home filled with love for all things pastry, laughter, and an insane amount of creative energy!

To this day, we are a team that strives to bring you and yours tasty sweet treats, mouth-watering savory pastries, and the most beautiful & elegant cakes the market has to offer.

And since the icing on the cake is never enough, we thought we’d place some cherries on top! RylieCakes® is a 100% gluten free facility that specializes in allergen-friendly baking – click here to check out our allergy guide.